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Tenwek Mission Hospital is a certified teaching hospital accredited by the Medical Practicioners and Dentist Board, the Board for Medicine and Clinical Medicine, and the Clinical Officers Council.

Each year Tenwek accepts eight Medical Officer Interns as well as eight Clinical Officer Interns. We hope to begin accepting more Interns starting in 2016.  Interns complete one year of training including four three-month rotations in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery and Obstetrics. They are challenged with increasing patient care responsibilities under the supervision of Residents (where applicable) and Attending Physicians, as they continue to hone their knowledge by leading case discussions, M&M reports and patient admission topics.


Fridah 1“I chose Tenwek as my internship centre after an amazing experience as a student back in 2012 while doing my electives. Tenwek is not just all about the medicine; I loved the doctor-patient relationship as it was/is a true reflection of God working through mankind to show compassion, empathy, love and kindness to fellow humans.  

Tenwek gives me the opportunity to practice a holistic approach to the patients and its basically so inspiring.  

God Bless Tenwek!”

 -Fridah Bosire - Intern 2014