Due to the high rate of esophageal cancer in Western Kenya, Tenwek Hospital has developed one of East Africa's premiere endoscopy units.  Click here for more information regarding endoscopy services available at Tenwek

Eye Unit:

Tenwek Hospital is proud to be one of Kenya's leading providers of opthalmology surgery.  Our services include adult and pediatric cataract replacement, glaucoma and retinal surgeries as well cornea replacement.  Click here to find out more about eye care services offered at Tenwek.

General Surgery: 

Tenwek hospital is a leading provider of emergency and elective surgery in Western Kenya.  Click here to find out more about general surgery services at Tenwek.


Click here to learn more about gynecologic consulting and surgeries available at Tenwek Hospital.

Orthopedic Surgery:

From road traffic accident orthopedic trauma to elective hip and knee replacements, Tenwek Hospital offers comprehensive orthopedic surgery services. Click here to find out more.


Click here to find out more about the Urology clinic and surgery services offered at Tenwek Hospital.