Tenwek Mission Hospital operates under the guiding principle that "We Treat, Jesus Heals"- recognizing the ultimate importance of Jesus Christ in the physical and spiritual healing of our patients and their families. Although all of the staff at Tenwek bear witness to the spiritual aspect of this wholistic mission, the Tenwek Chaplaincy spearheads this tremendously important work. Available to the patients 24/7, chaplains share the Gospel and provide spiritual comfort, compassionate prayer and empathy at the patient bedside. 3 of the 9 chaplains are also certified counselors, and are available to provide psychological support to patients who may require such help. Chaplains not only provide care for patients, but they sit with the families of patients as well, both in times of joy and grief. Student with Bible

Chaplain Services:

  • 24/7 Bedside prayer and witness.
  • Distribution of Bibles
  • Daily Open-Air services at 10 AM in the courtyard
  • Comfort and spiritual care for grieving families
  • Funeral Services for the deceased
  • Home Visits with Tenwek Hospice palliative care
  • Counseling