Pediatric Ward

The Pediatric ward at Tenwek offers 40 beds and several private rooms for admitted patients.  The surgical and medical patients on the pediatric ward are are attended to by multi-disciplinary teams who work together to make sure children are medically, socially and emotionally stable before they are discharged home.  Common conditions that result in pediatric admissions at Tenwek include meningitis (bacterial, viral and TB), pneumonia, orthopedic trauma, infections/sepsis, HIV complications/opportunistic infections, diarhhea, congenital heart defects and more.  Severly sick children may be transfered to the Intensive care unit (ICU) or High Density Unit (HDU) for closer monitoring and intervention.

Visiting Hours:

The Nursery (NICU)

The Nursery at Tenwek is a 20 bed unit that closely monitors and cares for newborns that are in critical condition.  The most common cause for admission is prematurity, but other conditions common for admission to the nursery include birth asphyxia, hydracephalus, spina bifida, congenital heart defects and infections (GBS, Myconium, tetanus).  Due to the fragile nature of the babies, no visitors are allowed into the nursery at any time. Nursing mothers/surrogate mothers are admitted several times throughout the day/night to feed and hold their babies.