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The OB/GYN ward at Tenwek is a 60 bed unit, complete with 3 birthing decks, an in-house operating room and diagnostic equipment including ultrasound and NST.  The Obstetrics services perform routine vaginal deliveries (3000+ per year), Caesarean sections (primarily emergent c-sections) and help to manage complicated pregnancies. The obstetrics ward is an important teaching department, as nursing students, medical students, interns, and residents (family practice and surgery) all rotate through, gaining critical skills in obstetrics care.

Obstetrics Clinic: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm at MCH/Family Planning Department

Cervical Cancer Screenings: Fridays- 1pm in the Outpatient Department


Gynecology services available at Tenwek Hospital include colposcopy, hysterectomies (TAH, TVH), fibroid removal, removal of adnexal masses and tubal ligation.  At this time Tenwek is not able to offer cancer treatment (chemotherapy or radiation) for oncologic gynecology issues.  Specialist oncology, hysteroscopy and infertility cases are referred to Nairobi.

Gynecoogy Clinic: Wednesdays 9am-5pm by referral only (not drop-in) Visit Outpatient Department for referral to a later GYN clinic.