The Comprehensive Care Clinic provides compassionate care to all patients with chronic medical conditions, specializing in the physical, spiritual and emotional care of patients with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.  

The department is open Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm.

Services provided at the CCC include:

  • Clinical care by doctors, surgeons, nurses and clinical officers
  • Provider initiated testing, couple testing and counseling (PITC) 
  • Prevention care especially for the HIV/AIDs
  • Cervical Cancer screening and treatment 
  • Adherence counseling for HAART and TB medication/screening
  • Nutrional counseling
  • Food supplements to the underweight with HIV/AID
  • Spiritual care through the chaplaincy department and health care workers
  • Involved in research studies 
  • Linkages to other care givers ie. social workers and community health
  • Refferals to hospice
  • Provision of health education 
  • Involvement in support groups

For more information call Tenwek hospital and ask to be transferred to the CCC.