The Casualty department is staffed 24/7 with Clinical Officers trained in general emergency procedures and resuscitative measures. Emergencies/trauma are attended to by a multidisciplinary team of medical and surgical specialists who follow their patients through casualty to inpatient services. Our casualty room has a capacity of seven beds and it is equipped with ultrasound, EKG, ventilator and other specialized equipment which allow for intensive monitoring of critically ill patients as they arrive at the hospital.

When indicated, a patient may be admitted, and transferred either to our medical or surgical unit, or to our well-equipped ICU. When admission is not necessary patients are treated and discharged with follow-up being made with one of our specialty clinics.

**For referrals to Tenwek Hospital, you must call +254-727-033-725 prior to sending the patient, to check bed availability and ensure proper care is arranged**