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In 1955 Dr. James Probst of Africa Inland Mission and Mr. Hack Smith suggested that a water wheel could be used at the falls for pumping water to the compound. In June of 1956 Tenwek's Water and Power Scheme was presented to the African District Council, and arrangements were already being made to purchase a generator and turbine from the U.S. Although progress was not made on the falls for many years, in 1982 Dr. Probst recommended to Dr. Steury that the time may be right to once again pursue the dream of a hydroelectric plant. He suggested that this time the mission should seek permission to change the source of their power rather than asking for an entirely new permit for constructing a power plant. On February 13, 1987 the installation of the turbine and generator began. Finally, Dr. Eric Moore switched on the hydroelectric plant and a few minutes later shut down the diesel generator. In In 2014 installation of a second hydroelectric generator greater than triples the energy production capacity of Tenwek, meeting the current and anticipated needs of the Hospital for the next 20 years.